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                 Suzhou Paierde Tools Co., Ltd. is a commitment to the global industrial applications provide the supporting system of professional torque solutions integrated producer and supplier. The factory is located in Suzhou high tech Zone, the main production assembly of Germany SAYKE brand series psylic industrial torque tools products, products mainly used parts imported from Germany, has 8 years of experience in production and sales of torque tools, continuous research and development update, is committed to the development of torque tool, was established in 2013 to the assembly of torque tool product development, technical support the production of the factory in Suzhou, at the same time, improve the product pre-sales technical support, customer service, perfect sale tracking repair and calibration services, reasonable use to solve the concrete scheme of dealers and users and recommended torque tools products, and related industry brands to establish a strategic partnership, to meet the global demand for industrial users and applications the field of personalized products.

                 All along, we are determined to do the most professional torque tool products manufacturers,so we have a careful study of the advantages of each kind of product and technical updates, we have more in-depth factory and the sales market, the best tool for each field of sales and use to do a corresponding understanding and mastery. To accumulate the best products and customers of the supply of resources, in-depth practical experience, and our most professional sales team for global users more intimate service.

                 Professional (Professional) - provide professional torque tools product technical support, providing complete product testing and maintenance, sufficient supply of products to meet the user's needs, achieve fast delivery, accurate, quick maintenance principle, the German SAYKE celic as the goal users provide professional torque products services;

                 Fashion (Fashion), in the world's first carry forward to the forefront as the core concept of product positioning and development ideas, firmly grasp the pulse of torque tools products market development in to product availability and efficiency for the foundation at the same time pay attention to product appearance, color collocation and humanized service on demand, allowing users to pleasing to the eye and physical and mental pleasure in the process of using the high-quality products;

            Preset type torque wrench, torque wrench, window type torque wrench, digital torque wrench, dial torque wrench, torque screwdriver, insert for torque wrench, torque multiplier, torque tester, electric torque wrench, electric, gas dynamic torque screwdrive.